Will you replace dead proxies?

Yes simply use the contact form to let us know about any dead proxies within a reasonable time frame.

Are there bandwidth limits on your proxies?

No…But be responsible and do not spam with your proxies.

Can we use Paypal?

Yes…if you send a request via our contact form we will send an paypal invoice via email for you proxies.

Are these proxies anonymous?


What is the difference between a shared and a private proxy?

The only difference between a shared proxy and a private proxy is exclusivity. When you order a private proxy, you are the only person with access to that proxy. With a shared proxy, there may be other users with access to the proxy. Realistically, you will likely not be accessing the proxy simultaneously with the other users.

Are there any restrictions?

Please be responsible with the proxies you purchase in order to keep them from being blacklisted and to preserve the quality. We here at CheapestProxies.com do not place any restrictions on the proxies that you purchase. You can use these proxies for anything.

Can I email with these proxies?

Sure but only through webmail interfaces.

Can I get new proxies if needed?

Absolutely  If you would like a fresh batch of proxies at anytime just let us know.

Can I connect to one proxy from multiple IPs simultaneously?

We cannot make any guarantees about anything that you may do with your proxies but keep in mind sites like Craigslist have very strict terms. All of are proxies are fast, fresh any newly assigned with unrestricted access across the internet.

Do the proxies work with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc?

Yes! Any website will work with our proxies, including the big social networks, video sites, web 2.0 sites etc.